Be careful, Eat Junk Food When Pregnant There Are Risks

Along with increased appetite, some pregnant women no longer choose the type of food consumed, including fast food. Though food which is often called junk food has a risk for fetal development. Hormonal changes can trigger changes in the sense of taste and sense of smell in pregnant women. With tempting flavors and flavors, let alone get it quite easily, no need to bother cooking, and the price is quite affordable. The Right Reasons to Avoid Junk Food When Pregnant Here are some reasons why pregnant women should avoid consuming fast food, including: Does not provide the necessary nutrition Fast food generally does not provide the nutrients needed by the baby's development, such as for the brain, bones, immune system and various organs of the baby's body. Increase the risk of allergies According to research, women who consume a lot of sugar either in the form of processed, honey or juice during pregnancy, are feared more at risk of having children who have allergi…
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